Come get THUNDERSTRUCK! Join the special Celebration events to earn the Seabug Mount!

What happens on Seabug Isle use to stay on Seabug Isle… until this year. Now, Seabug Isle comes to Erenor.

This year’s Second Celebration is packed full with special events to sink your teeth into. Special Second Anniversary Coins are up for grabs across the game, and the only way to earn them is through limited time achievements and quests. Earn 3 or more of these achievements and you’ll be able to ride your very own Seabug Mount!

Important Note: Do not turn in your coins before the end of the event! Some of these achievements are not completed quickly or only happen at certain times, and you will need to save all 5 coins in order to receive the biggest prize pack!

Achievement 1: Log in 7 days during the month of September

Make sure to activate your Login Tracker every day you log in! Once you hit 7 days in the login tracker, you’ll complete this achievement and earn a coin!

Achievement 2: Work with your server and raise turkeys for Thanksgiving! (September 14 – November 16)

Look, Thanksgiving seems like it’s a long way away, but it’s not that far when you’re a farmer! Help out your server by working together to tend to this year’s Thanksgiving turkeys, so everyone can have a feast in November!

The Turkeys will make their residence in Diamond Shores, by the Ayanad Library. During this event, you’ll be able to retrieve special Turkey raising items from the Divine Clock once every 10 minutes of play. Collect 10 of the same item to combine them together for something that can help the Turkeys thrive. Turn that special tradepack in to the Masked Daru at the Turkey Farm.

Once you complete the quest, you’ll receive a special buff that will increase your Attack and Defense by 10%. The more your server interacts with the turkeys, the better the buff can become on subsequent weeks as they grow up!
To earn this achievement and receive a coin, complete the twig quest 5 times during the first 2 weeks.

Achievement 3: Spell THUNDERSTRUCK and ARCHEAGE with special Celebration letters (September 14 – September 21)

Engage in ludicrous acts of letter larceny between September 14-21 and do your best to spell ARCHEAGE and everyone’s favorite proc, THUNDERSTRUCK, from the letters you’ll find throughout the world.

To begin collecting letters, stay logged in for 10 minutes and collect the limited time quest from the Divine Clock. Once activated, visit the Archeum Purification areas of Diamond Shores, or visit Sungold Fields and Exeloch to kill monsters and earn letters.

Once you get enough letters to either spell ARCHEAGE or THUNDERSTRUCK, head to Mirage Isle and turn in the letters with a Blue Salt Hammer to the reward machine. The presents offered can commonly offer Merit Badges, Warrior’s Medals, Hereafter Stones, Mysterious Garden Powder, Lunarite, and more. Or, you might be very, VERY lucky and receive a ticket for a free Ayanad Weapon, Armor, or Accessory!
Spell ARCHEAGE or THUNDERSTRUCK three times and turn in those words to complete this achievement for a coin.

Achievement 4: Defeat opponents in the Free For All Arena (September 14 – October 5)

Do you think you’re the best there is? Put your skills to the test by visiting the Masked Daru in Marianople, Austera, and Growlgate and receiving the newest arena challenge from him.

By defeating 5 players in the Free For All arena, you’ll complete the challenge and receive a Donation Reward Box (contains Warrior’s Medals), 2 Bruiser’s Badges, and 400 honor.

Complete this quest 5 times to complete the achievement for a coin.

Achievement 5: Obtain 15 Masked Daru Weapons (September 28 – October 4)

Three times a day, from September 28 to October 4, you’ll be able to receive a weapon pack from the ArcheAge marketplace, under the event tab. These weapons will only last for 30 minutes, but they’ll certainly pack a punch! Players under Level 30 will receive temporary Heroic weapons, while players above level 30 will receive temporary Legendary weapons.
Obtain these weapons 15 times to complete this achievement for a coin.

Enjoy the ever changing celebration, and here’s to another year of adventure in ArcheAge!

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