Ascension Spotlight: Siege changes, Arena Matchmaking, and PvP updates in Update 2.9

Ascension Spotlight: Siege changes, Arena Matchmaking, and PvP updates in Update 2.9

War. War never changes… until it actually, statistically changes. In ArcheAge: Ascension, there are some brand new updates to the way Player vs. Player combat is carried out in the game, from siege bidding all the way to skill balance. If you find yourself frequently on the front lines, this is a spotlight for you AND your guild.

New Siege Bidding System: Blind Auction

Out with the old bidding system, in with the new! Starting with the update, guilds involved in sieges will find that the process has dramatically changed from what they’re used to.

Sieges are now moving to a blind auction format, rather than the old open-bidding system that utilized the Auction House. If a castle is up for siege, you’ll be able to bid on its siege scroll at the Siege Pedestal available in any faction base.

The requirements to bid on a scroll have also changed:

  • Only guilds that rank in the top 20 on the server and have more than 60 members are allowed to bid.
  • Only guild leaders are able to enter a bid.

If your guild leader qualifies to siege a castle, they will receive an in-game mail on Wednesday notifying them that bids have opened.

Bids now have a minimum bidding amount, which the guild must bid. Once a bid is made, the Pedestal will take the payment immediately and save it. As this is a blind auction, no other guilds will be able to see what your guild’s bid is. The guild can go back and add to their bid later if they wish, but there is a fee assessed for changing your bid.

The Blind Auction closes at 22:30 GMT (-7 PDT) on Friday (final time subject to the release of the new North American and European schedules after Update 2.9), so get your bids in before they close! Once the auction ends, the system will send a Siege Scroll to the guild leader that bid the highest amount of gold. Once a Siege Scroll is obtained, it can still be traded or privately sold.

Guild leaders that did not win the auction will receive their bids back via in-game mail, except for the minimum bidding amount. Instead, that minimum amount is sent to the castle’s Peace Fund and stored until the siege. The Peace Fund is still awarded to the winners of the siege, whoever they may be. You can find more information regarding any castle’s tax rates or Peace Fund in the new Nation menu section of the user interface (Shift+K by default).

Brand new Arena Matchmaking & Arena Rewards

Sieges aren’t the only thing to receive a change – the Arenas are receiving a substantial upgrade too!

All Arenas are moving to a new rating system that will attempt to match you against opponents of similar arena performance. Winning matches will raise your ranking, while losing matches will keep you at the same rank.

The new system will attempt to place similarly ranked players against one another first. If no players of similar ratings are available in the queue, it will then attempt to pair players with larger differences in rank.

However, players with extremely different ratings can never be paired against one another. This will keep the arena newbies from facing an arena master on their first run.

Keep your enemies close, and your item stats closer: New Equipment Encyclopedia

What’s better, Mistsong Summit Tier 4 gear or Obsidian Tier 6? Should I wear Desert items or go for Ocean? All of these are great questions and don’t you just wish they could be answered within the game? Now they are!

Ascension Spotlight: Siege changes, Arena Matchmaking, and PvP updates in Update 2.9

Clicking on the Vocation menu in the bottom right hand corner of the game will now let you access the brand new Equipment Encyclopedia. This handy, searchable database details and categorizes all of the items in the game, be they crafted, gathered from a dungeon, dropped by a world boss, etc. You can even break down the items by category if you’re looking for that perfect leather piece or want more information on one-handers.

Once you have what you’re looking for, the Equipment Encyclopedia will also let you zoom to the Crafting Folio if the item of your dreams needs to be pieced together. It’s a great way to not only find the statistics you’re looking for, but also grab the relevant crafting information at the same time with the push of a button.

New Proven Warrior’s Necklace Ranks

For those of you chasing after that perfect Proven Warrior’s Necklace, your quest continues. As other items have increased in power, the Proven Warrior’s Necklace has gained brand new levels! Reach these higher tiers and keep your necklace competitive against the other paths in the game.

Ascension Spotlight: Siege changes, Arena Matchmaking, and PvP updates in Update 2.9
Ascension Spotlight: Siege changes, Arena Matchmaking, and PvP updates in Update 2.9

Three spotlights down, one to go! If you haven’t read our full updates on the new Castle Upgrade system or the Player Nation system, do it today before Ascension launches officially on May 31st. Next week we’ll be taking a look at all of the PvE changes in the update, such as a new boss in Mistsong Summit, the addition of a huge new raid at the end of Mistmerrow battles, and more!

See you next week, Adventurers!