Ascension Spotlight: Castle upgrades, new buildings, new décor, and more await in Update 2.9!

Ascension Spotlight: Castle upgrades, new buildings, new décor, and more await in Update 2.9!

Don’t just build a castle: build a city! In ArcheAge’s newest update, you and your guild will be able to reach new heights as you expand your small keep into a towering castle that stakes your claim in the land of Auroria. Plus, even those outside of your guild can benefit from your flourishing city!

Raise a kingdom in Auroria

Castle-owning guilds have a lot to look forward to thanks to a slew of new buildings you can construct around your Archeum Lodestone. Together, these buildings form a new economy enabling the creation of territory supplies for storage in special warehouses, as well as the crafting of new, specialized Auroran trade packs. The buildings even unlock elite quests to allow the founding of your own in-game nation!

This new economy is founded on three types of currency:

  • Territokens are silver coins that can be traded for opportunities to provide services in the kingdom. Complete these opportunities to earn Lord’s Pence. Territokens can be received from the Territory Market Director in the Market area once per day. You will need to be level 50 or above in order to receive one.
  • Lord’s Pence are dull bronze coins that are rewarded for service to the kingdom. 100 of them can be crafted into 1 Lord’s Coin.
  • Lord’s Coin are the bright golden coins that most castle owners are already familiar with. These coins are tradeable and sellable on the Auction House and can be used to purchase goods, create construction materials from construction workbenches, make Regal Ore, and help pay for taming your own Golden Wyvern. While castle owners use them the most, any player may wish to collect Lord’s Coins for use in crafting, trade pack creation, Tier 7 Obsidian item creation, or special goods purchases. Formerly reserved almost exclusively for lords, now everyone has access to these coins and the benefits they buy!

So how do these new buildings work, and what do they provide? Read on for an explanation of each!

Start with the basics: The Capital

The Capital is the only new building design that can be purchased for 1000 gold from Mirage Isle. This building is the foundation for the rest of the new buildings introduced in Ascension. Building it requires 3 stone packs, 2 lumber packs, and 2 iron packs.

Once complete, the Capital offers a portal to Mirage Isle, a Mailbox, a Warehouse Manager, an Ambassador, a Memory Ember area, the Throne of the kingdom, and a Building Manager who sells other building designs. The Capital also offers Construction Workbenches that vary per level of the building. Level 1 grants 2 Construction Workbenches, Level 2 offers 3, and Level 3 offers 4.

Construction Workbenches can create new types of Construction Material trade packs for building the new structures sold by the Building Manager. The owner of a guild can use Lord’s Coins to submit orders for specific tradepacks from these benches. Once the order is in, players can offer labor to the workbench to craft the packs. This duty is reserved for players who aren’t members of that guild and who have a Territory Work Permit (more on that later.) When enough people have contributed labor, the order is complete and the workbench will start distributing construction material trade packs.

In order to work for a territory, you’ll need to be authorized. You can purchase authorization for 7 days by spending 50 Prestige for a Work Permit from your guild Prestige Shop. Turn the Work Permit into a local Market Director (available in the Market building) or Building Manager to begin. Once you begin working for a specific territory, however, you won’t be allowed to work at another territory for at least 5 days. You can prematurely end your contract after that 5 day period, however. Any member of any faction, player created or not, can be authorized to work in a territory as long as they are not a member of the ruling guild.

Why offer your hard gained labor to create construction packs if you’re not a member of the guild that owns the area? Because doing so offers you 1 Lord’s Coin per day for your efforts!

The Ambassador can be used to request resources from the Kingdoms of Nuia and Haranya. At the owning guild leader’s discretion, they can ask the ambassador to write a letter requesting aid. The Ambassador will take 22 hours to create this letter. After that period, a member of the ruling guild can take the letter to Diamond Shores and read it in front of a Lead Pioneer to receive a construction materials tradepack immediately.

Once a Capital reaches Level 3, it will also possess a Declaration Workbench. This workbench is the key to founding a new nation in Auroria. We’ll cover how nations work and what the Diplomatic Headquarters does in a later article.

Trading in Auroria: The Market

The market can be used by anyone in the game. Here you’ll find a great selection of crafting merchants, a warehouse manager, a mailbox, a Mirage Isle portal, a Regal Carpentry Workbench, a Regal Printing Press, a Regal Alchemy Table, Regal Cooking Tools, the Auroria Specialty Workbench, and the Territory Workbench.

A few other characters and new workbenches make their homes here, too:

The Territory Market Director serves as a general merchant, authorizes outsiders to work in the territory, provides a daily Territoken to authorized workers, and provides a Memory Ember.

The Territory Market Merchant buys Territory Products for 50 Lord’s Pence and will produce 60 Territory Goods after 60 Territory Products are turned in. Products are produced by the Farm, and are further described in that section.

The Territory Butcher and Food Merchant buy meat and produce created from Farm tasks. They’ll offer 25 Lord’s Pence per item turned in. The farm generates 4 items per meat or produce task, resulting in a net gain of 1 Lord’s Coin per task completed.

The Auroria Specialty Workbench allows you to exchange 1 Lord’s Coin for 10 Territory-Specific Seeds. These Seeds can grow goods required to make Specialty Trade Packs. (For example, only Calmlands generates Tundra Fern seeds.) This workbench also allows people to craft Auroria Specialty Trade Packs which can be turned into the Gold Trader on Freedich Island.

The Territory Workbench is very important. It’s here where you’ll make the three existing Lord’s Costumes (Royal Bloodraven Robes, Griffin Guard Uniform, Shock Conqueror Plate) and Whyspron pet armor for Regal Ore (available from the Workshop) and Blue Salt Hammers, craft a Cryptic Lucky Scroll to re-roll statistics on Ayanad cloaks, create Brimstone Orbs which are required for Tier 7 Obsidian Items, and retrieve Blazing Sunridge Ingots, Blazing Cloudspun Fabric, Blazing Wind Spirit Leather, Blazing Nui forest Lumber, Auroria Mineral Water pumps, and Auroria Twilight Saplings.

Sustaining the Kingdom: The Farm

Farms are a special type of building that cannot be used by the ruling guild. Instead, they rely on outside adventurers looking for work, and they are crucial to the territory’s economy.

If you are an outside worker who has a Territoken from the Market Director, head to a farm to turn in the token to an NPC. Once you accept an NPC’s task, no one else can accept the same task from that farm until its cooldown expires. Ruling guilds will want multiple farms in their territory to keep production flowing and increase the taxes they collect from work!

Once the chosen task is complete, the non-guild worker will receive Lord’s Pence. After the cooldown on the NPC is completed, the Farm will produce 1 Territory Product Trade Pack and trigger a new cooldown. To pick up the pack, another non-guild worker must spend another Territoken and transport the pack to the Market. Once that cooldown is complete, the NPC will re-appear and offer that task again. Product packs can be sold to the Market Merchant for 50 Lord’s Pence.

In order to increase production, the owning guild can upgrade the farmhouse to higher levels to reduce the cooldown timers on the NPCs and Product Packs. These cooldowns can be longer than an entire day, so it’s important to both upgrade and to build additional farms for increased territory income.

Plus, once the farm reaches level 3, a new NPC known as the “Gilda Star Collector” will appear. If a player exchanges a Territoken and 50 Gilda Stars, they’ll receive a special Product Tradepack that’s worth 100 pence if sold to the Market Merchant.

Providing security for your stuff (maybe): The Warehouse

The Warehouse is a tricky place. It provides storage and security for the ruling guild, but can also be attacked by any other player at certain times (which the guild can choose). It’s a place of both protection and, sometimes, plundering.

Once the Market Merchant (available in the Market) receives 60 Product Packs from any farm, they will begin distributing Territory Goods tradepacks. The Warehouse is the building that stores those important items. Once you get a Territory Goods tradepack, you can deliver it to a local warehouse in the same territory for 22 pence or, if you want to risk it, you can turn it into the warehouse of another territory for 44 pence. (This, obviously, helps another territory with goods collection.)

Once the warehouse is full and contains 60 goods, it will enter a state where the guild has a choice: Protect the goods and sell them safely for 23 Lord’s Coins, or send the goods into a dangerous shipping state that can generate 46 Lord’s Coins. In both cases, the rewards are slowly applied to a Territory’s Tax over the next 48 hours.

For guilds who feel reward can outweigh risk, the shipping state allows the warehouse to be raided for the first 24 hours. Warehouses in this state can be identified by the balloons carrying packages in and out the top of the warehouse, as well as the blue banners draped down the sides.

Anyone can enter the territory during this period and interact with the warehouse to steal the goods. If the looting is successful, a tradepack will be placed on the thief’s back and a system message will be broadcast to the entire server.

If the thief can get some breathing time, they can begin to unseal their pack. This isn’t a fast process, and once it begins, another system message will be broadcast to the entire server along with the thief’s coordinates.

If the thief can successfully open the pilfered goods they’ll receive 10 Lord’s Coins for their efforts. If the thief does not wish to unseal the pack, they can also sell it on Freedich Island. If the thief is killed, anyone else can grab the pack and attempt to make off with the spoils for themselves. Keep an eye out for turncoats, my friends!

If the original guild (or a Good Samaritan) can get back what was stolen, they can turn it back into the warehouse to reset the taxes and begin the 48 hour collection process all over again. Good luck!

Crafting the important items: The Workshop

The Territory Workshop is mostly used by the ruling guild. This building is dedicated to providing easy access to Regal workstations (available to everyone), as well as selling Regal Ore.

In the workshop, 4 Territory Craftsmen are available, each able to sell 10 Regal Ore for 10 Lord’s Coins each. This ore can be purchased every 22 hours. Regal Ore is tradable, so those not in the guild can barter for them or purchase them from the Auction House.

The Sanctum of the Lord: The Sovereign’s Vault

Finally, the Sovereign’s Vault is a unique building open to members of the ruling guild, but dedicated to the Sovereign and the things he (or she!) may need.

The Sovereign’s Vault Workbench can craft Sovereign’s Robes for 1 Blazing Sunridge Ingot, 1 Blazing Cloudspun Fabric, and 1 Blazing Wind Spirit Leather. These robes are the robes of the monarch, and will quickly identify you as a Sovereign of a territory.

Otherwise, this structure is dedicated to the birth and taming of the Golden Wyvern – an enormous, unique dragon mount. When the time is right, the Territory Steward will offer the Sovereign a quest to get their own Wyvern, but be forewarned, it is not an easy or short journey! The Workbench here can also create armor for the Wyvern, as well as Bloodsky Essences, which are used to activate certain Wyvern abilities. The Wyvern will also return to this building to rest if it becomes too tired to ride into battle.

This was just the first of our dives into what’s coming in Update 2.9: Ascension! Keep an eye out for a new article each week, and make sure to tune in to our weekly livestream for a live preview of this whole system!