Important: Inactive name resets coming on May 17, 2016

Important: Inactive name resets coming on May 17, 2016

Look alive, mates! On May 17th, we’ll be releasing the names of characters who haven’t logged in recently back into the game for new players to use! Want to keep your name? Make sure to log your characters into ArcheAge!

Who’s affected by this?

All characters who are under level 40 and haven’t logged into the game since October 5th, 2015 will be affected.

How can I keep my name safe?

Make sure to log in your characters before May 10th! As long as the character (not your account) has been active in the last 6 months or level 41 or higher, your name is safe.

What happens if my name gets released?

If your name is released during the name reset, you’ll be able to choose a new name the next time your character logs into ArcheAge. If your name hasn’t been taken since then, you’ll be able to get it back in a heartbeat! If it was taken, you will have to choose a new name.

Oh, I have a name I’ve always wanted! How can I get it?

We’ll be opening a brand new Character Name Change service on May 17, giving existing players the chance to change their name to something new, or take a shot at getting back a name you’ve wanted! Look for more information on this service in this website article.