Join the Bloodsong: undersea treasure dive, free costume and more!

Live the cozy life in Bloodsong’s treehouses, mansions, and more!

The Call of the Bloodsong has begun. The gate to Mistsong Summit has appeared, and Aria the Songstress awaits any who would oppose her. Do you have what it takes to quell the Bloodsong before it claims more lives? Returning and current players have a wealth of free gifts to claim! Read on for more!

Receive a Hero’s Welcome with a new costume and combat pet, starting on January 27!

Whether you’re brand new to the game or have played ArcheAge since launch; we have some special rewards for you!

As a way to thank you for playing ArcheAge, we offer a special, limited time, 100% free pack of items from the Glyph Store, starting on January 27th! The item pack depends on whether you’re returning to ArcheAge after an absence, or have played within the last 30 days.

If you’ve not been to ArcheAge in the last 30 days, well then… welcome back to the land of adventure! You will receive our Bloodsong Homecoming Bundle, which includes valuable coins which can be used toward temporary Mirage Weapons, Armor, Accessories, and Vehicles – get a leg up on getting back in! The pack will also provide consumables, a special Invocation Array music box for your house, the title “Mistsong Maverick,” a temporary Wisdom Tree combat pet, and a temporary Springsong Greenman Costume. This box can be opened once per day for 14 days to yield more and more goodies! Plus, you can make the combat pet and costume permanent by opening all 14 days of the Homecoming bundle.

If you’ve played ArcheAge at any point in the last 30 days, thanks for playing and being a member of our community! You’ll receive the Bloodsong Loyalty Bundle. This pack includes a myriad of consumable grimoires, labor potions, and loyalty tokens (175 in total!) so that you can get out there and keep doing what you do. You’ll also receive the temporary Springsong Greenman costume, a temporary Wisdom Tree combat pet, the “Mistsong Maverick” title, and the Invocation Array music box. The box can be opened once per day for 14 days for more presents. Open all 14 days to receive coins that will make your costume and combat pet permanent!

Players who have supported ArcheAge by making a purchase for real money at any point in ArcheAge’s history or whom have ever been patron will also receive 2 bonus Homecoming or Player Appreciation coins, depending on which bundle they receive. They will also receive 20 Loyalty Tokens in addition to everything else to compensate for the Divine Clock’s temporary outage between 1/19 and 1/26.

Finally, if you’ve ever been a Patron at any point during ArcheAge’s past, you will also receive 1 free Skill Saver Pendant as a separate free purchase. This pendant will allow you to access Bloodsong’s new Skill Save feature, giving you the ability to quickly recall one of your favorite builds without having to re-assign points.

Dive under the sea for riches and wonders: January 26 – February 8

Starting with the release of Bloodsong, a brand new cache of treasures are waiting for you at the bottom of the Castaway Straight & Halcyona Gulf sea regions. You could receive regrading materials, mining gems, lunarite, library-tier coinpurses, lucky regrade materials, Shabby Pirate costume components, Merit Badges, or even plans for a Gilt Steamfish submarine!

To participate, visit the special event NPC who’s taking up residence in Mirage Isle. He’ll be happy to grant you two Daru’s Bubble consumables which will allow you to breathe underwater for 30 minutes.

A word of warning… be careful as you plunder the sea! While this is a special event, this region of Erenor does not lie under the watchful gaze of civilized society. There will be no Festival Law to keep you safe from your opposing faction or pirates; get ready to fight for your earnings!

This event ends at 12:01 AM GMT on February 9th, so get diving!

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