Heed the Bloodsong: Conquer traps and trickery in ArcheAge’s next dungeon

Heed the Bloodsong: Conquer traps and trickery in ArcheAge’s next dungeon

A haunting song has swept over the land, calling the innocents of Auroria to the region of Mistmerrow. Excitement and joy dance across their faces as they enter the mysterious dragon-shaped portal, but only because they have no idea that they will never return home to their loved ones again. The Crimson Watch has been mobilized, and it’s up to the adventurers of Erenor to stop the so-called “Bloodsong” from claiming additional lives…

Welcome to Mistsong Summit!

New gear, new challenges, and new enemies await you in this brand new dungeon, launching with Update 2.5: Bloodsong. Gather 4 of your friends and teleport to the Mistmerrow Central Tower to find the dragon-shaped portal that has claimed the lives of many. To begin the quest line for the area, speak with Terrasus, a guard of the Crimson Watch stationed outside of the portal to Mistsong.

Once inside the dungeon, work with the members of the Crimson Watch to locate and remove the three leaders of the Summit: Dochul, the head of the Ghost Blades; Sojung, the mistress of the Courtesans; and Aria, the leader of the Summit. Step cautiously: The beauty of the Summit belies the true danger within…

Choose your fate: The direct route, or the way less travelled

Two main paths await to lead you through Mistsong: take a straight shot to a landmark via Breathswept Avenue, or wander the winding twists of Whispering Street. Both feature challenges and danger, but what exactly you will face lies up to you.

Breathswept Avenue is a straight shot to a member of Mistsong’s leadership. However, the path is heavily guarded by powerful Oni who are more than happy to snuff out suspicious souls. Less seasoned adventurers may want to steer clear of this path, unless they are confident in both their skills and their gear.

Whispering Street offers a longer path with weaker enemies. However, the way is also fraught with perilous pitfalls and numerous traps. Avoid the bursts of musical energy that shoot from the walls and statues!

Clearing an area of enemies on either Breathswept Avenue or Whispering Street will offer you a Large Mistsong Key or a Small Mistsong Key. The large keys will unlock the gates to allow you to confront one of the three leaders of the Summit. But be quick about it, as each key only lasts for a limited amount of time!


Put an end to Dochul, Sojung, and the bloody songstress, Aria

Confronting a leader is no easy task. Each one will employ unique techniques to stop you from freeing the citizens trapped on the Summit. However, you can choose the difficulty of the fight before you begin. Different items will drop depending on the difficulty, so try them all to collect a full set of Mistsong Armor! (Currently the scales of balance cannot weigh the difficulty of a Hard Mode leader. perhaps their weight will be better estimated in the future months…)

Ready your applause and let fate be redrawn!

Mistsong Summit’s Easy and Normal modes will be released with Update 2.5, so begin preparing yourself and your team! Bring everything to bear and leave nothing behind. The colonization of Auroria depends on you.

Keep an eye on our official website to learn more about Aria and the rest of the features of Bloodsong throughout the month, and join us for this Friday’s livestream at 1:30 PM PST, where we’ll take you onto the paths of Mistsong Summit first hand.

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