Welcome to a New Era in ArcheAge: Update 2.0 is Here!

Welcome to a New Era in ArcheAge: Update 2.0 is Here!

The ArcheAge servers are open and Update 2.0 is here! Now is your chance to rise as a Hero and lead your faction to glory.

Lead your faction into a new age!

With Heroes Awaken, you can become a Hero, upgrade your homes, lead your guild to war through Guild Dominion challenges, and much more. For a full list of new features, head over to our official forums and read the latest patch notes.

Stake a new claim on our brand new Fresh Start servers!

Play on our newest servers, Morpheus (NA) and Rangora (EU), to start your ArcheAge adventure with a clean slate. Every character on these servers begins at level 1 with all of Auroria waiting to be reclaimed.

Certain items and recipes will be disabled from the game and marketplace during this time. For more information on Morpheus and Rangora, please see this post.

Meet your new neighbors on our Evolution servers!

Our server merges and transfers are complete! If you were previously on a server selected for Evolution, you will now log in to your brand new evolution shards. If you’re in North America, your new Evolution servers are Kraken (Naima & Enla), Hanure (Inoch & Calleil), and Nazar (Ezi & Lucius). If you’re in Europe, your Evolutions servers are Anthalon (Aier & Orchidna), Sirothe (Melisara & Nebe), and Leviathan (Nui and Janudar).

For more information on the merge or new server rules, please see this helpful forum post!

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