Prepare for epic adventure and colossal construction with Trove Starter Packs. Unlock more Classes to spit fire, sling plasma, and vanish into the shadows right out of the gate. Load up on blocks to create a masterful Cornerstone, or fill your pockets with Credits to redeem on special loot at the in-game store!

Starter Packs

The perfect bundle for any Trovian – don’t leave home without it! Try new classes with two Class Tokens or get your masterpiece underway with oodles of primal blocks. Get the upper hand during your adventures with flasks that grant a movement speed buff and temporary invulnerability. Explore the skies with new fiery wings and blaze across the lands on a Supercycle only available in the Power Pack (including a helmet to match! Safety first.)

  1. Two Class Tokens (non-tradable)
  2. Two Flask Tokens (non-tradable)
  3. Fire Wings
  4. 3 Pearls of Wisdom
  5. 2000 of each primal block
  6. Trovian Supercycle
  7. Trove Topper
  8. S.S. Trovian
  9. Trovian Sail

The new Blitz and Glitz Costume Pack rocks the runway with some of the best outfits ever seen in the lands of Trove! Load up on legendary looks including the Dark Infineon Barbarian, Lunar Ronin, F43 Trickster, and five more masterful costumes tailor-made for adventure. This pack is available for a limited time – scoop it up today!

  1. Bee Trickster by Rajeeb
  2. F43 Trickster by Leeon1234
  3. Shadow’s Disciple by FriedSushi
  4. Heartbreaker by CloBunny
  5. Dark Infineon by Screamheart
  6. Sugar Skull by Astrick
  7. Heartbleed by Astrick
  8. Lunar Ronin by Thelgmo

Variety is the spice of life, and with this pack you’ll have your pick from Trove’s huge collection of classes! Go in with guns blazing as the Gunslinger, spit fire as the Dracolyte, or keep your cool as the Ice Sage. Got a sweet tooth? No problem, the Candy Barbarian will give you a sugar rush. Let the Neon Ninja light up your world or treat yourself to the Fae Trickster. Try them all!

  1. Five Class Tokens (non-tradable)

Accounts that have already unlocked included items will not receive duplicates of items contained within the pack. This includes Classes, Costumes, Mounts, Ships, Wings, and any other items included as part of the pack.





750 Credits




+250 Bonus

3250 Credits




+1000 Bonus

8500 Credits




+3500 Bonus

18500 Credits


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