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Prepare for adventure and unlock new Classes with a variety of Trove packs.

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Power Pack

The Power Pack is the perfect building block to an exceptional Trovian experience. Unleash the power of two new classes, sail the square seas with ease on the regal S.S. Trovian, explore the skies with fiery wings, and speed into action on a special Supercycle mount!


To the Nines Pack

Dress to kill with our “To the Nines” pack of custom outfits created by players like you. These nine costumes will make your Trovian heroes look sharp and pixel perfect with ease.


Class Pack

With these shiny Class Tokens in your pocket, you can kick block with 5 new heroes of your choosing! Go in with guns blazing as the Gunslinger or sling fire as the Dracolyte. Got a sweet tooth? No problem, the Candy Barbarian will give you a sugar rush. Try them all and find out which hero’s your Best in Class!

  • Two Class Tokens (non-tradable)
  • Two Flask Tokens (non-tradable)
  • Fire Wings
  • 3 Pearls of Wisdom
  • 2000 of each Primal Block
  • Trovian Supercycle
  • Trove Topper
  • S.S. Trovian
  • Trovian Sail
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  • Dreamolyte by Andreez927 (Dracolyte Costume)
  • Guardian Angel by Zoe (Fae Trickster Costume)
  • Shadow Shroud by LippyLapras (Shadow Hunter Costume)
  • Molten Ice Sage by LippyLapras (Ice Sage Costume)
  • Candy Bearbarian Pink & Blue by Leeon1234 (Candy Barbarian Costume x2)
  • Neonstroke by Tribalflame (Neon Ninja Costume)
  • Reboot by Dusty_Mustard (Neon Ninja Costume)
  • Mad Scientist by Stringer (Pirate Captain Costume)
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  • Five Class Tokens (non-tradable)
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Accounts that have already unlocked included items will not receive duplicates of items contained within the pack. This includes Classes, Costumes, Mounts, Ships, Wings, and any other items included as part of the pack.

Become a Patron

Enhance your experience in Trove by becoming a Patron! With a recurring Patron Subscription or individual Patron Passes* you’ll enjoy huge boosts that’ll have you leaping to greater heights (literally!) in no time. Charge into dungeons, explore countless realms, and craft epic loot with supreme confidence as you fulfill your destiny of being the best on the block!
  • +50% ExperienceLevel up faster with +50% more XP gain. Onward to greatness!
  • +2 Chaos FactorPut chaos in your favor and get +2 more loot-filled Chaos Chests each day.
  • +2 Flask CapacityAdventure longer and harder with +2 more Flasks to boost and heal you.
  • +5 JumpLeap to greater heights with +5 Jumps added to your multi-jump stat.
  • +50 LasermancyMine ore at super speed with a boost to your lasermancy.
  • +100% Crafting SpeedBecome a master constructor and craft blocks, bombs, and more twice as fast.
  • +200 Magic FindFind and collect stronger, more powerful loot in all of your adventures!

1 Month

($1499 Total Price)



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3 Months

($4047 Total Price)



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6 Months

($7194 Total Price)



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12 Months

($13188 Total Price)



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* Non-recurring 15-Day and 30-Day Patron Passes are available in-game!

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0 Bonus

750 Credits




+250 Bonus

3250 Credits




+1000 Bonus

8500 Credits




+3500 Bonus

18500 Credits


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