2018: RIFT ON!

The holidays have ended, the calendar has turned over to 2018, and we’re heading toward RIFT’s 7-year anniversary!


Introducing Bastion of Steel

Bastion of Steel T2 RIFT Raid

Crucia has amassed an army of powerful foes and is prepared to take on Ahnket. The Ascended must stop her in the upcoming Tier 2 raid, Bastion of Steel.


Beginner’s Guide to Raiding

Guest Blog: @Seshatar is one of our valued Trion Creators, a veteran EU RIFT Streamer at https://www.twitch.tv/seshatar and community supporter. We are delighted to share his Beginner’s Guide to Raiding with you! “In this guide, I want to help you to understand the key indicators of a good raid group, so you can find your way into raiding. ~Seshatar.”