RIFTSTREAM Fri. April 21: How 2 PvP & Have Fun Dying

Telaran PvP!

Some love it, some hate it. Some have always been curious but have been too skeeeeeered to enter a Warfront! Let’s all learn a little more about PvP in RIFT with Uncle Kerilar and WrenTheBlurry.


Important note: this is NOT a stream for the hardcore PvP audience, and no new features are being announced. It is entirely for the neophyte and casual fun crowd that we’d like to see in a Warfront or ten!

We will have Michael “Kerilar” Hansen on hand to answer questions from those curious about trying PvP in RIFT, while WrenTheBlurry will demonstrate the how to aspect. Mostly how to die repeatedly and getting revenge on those who have wronged you when you clearly come in peace!

We warmly invite folks to share their PvP tips and builds with us on the livestream forum thread, and will feature any good linked guides or how to information! The top three contributions will receive a 6th Anniversary Parade Tuskar mount!

RIFT Livestream

3:30 PM PST, Friday, April 21, 2017


Primal Lord Pounces on PTS!

As of today, a new soul is available on the Public Test Shard for testing and experimentation. The Primal Lord is a powerful melee attacker who focuses on brutal melee combos and the calling of animal companions to strike the target viciously.


RIFT ROTP Stream THURS This Week!

We are livestreaming on THURSDAY this week instead of Friday (it’s a holiday!). Join Brasse and Rich “Icarus” Byon for a chat about the updated Rise of the Phoenix raid, coming soon to RIFT!