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Purchase a Prophecy of Ahnket Edition to explore the Comet of Ahnket, reach level 70, unlock legendary abilities, challenge the brand new Fortress Sieges, and more!

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Get the most out of RIFT by becoming a Patron! Enjoy store discounts, extra currency and rewards, bonus XP, and a ton of special perks.

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Stock up on Credits to get mounts, gear, pets, costumes, and more from the in-game store – or buy a REX you can trade for Platinum in-game.

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Frosty Moosedantix Pack

Prepare for an arctic adventure as you mount up on the fearsome Frosty Moosedantix!

Celestial Adventurer’s Pack

Become the hero of prophecy with these incredible accessories! Strike fear into your enemies as you mount the ferocious Ethereal Drake, demonstrate legendary style by donning Asha Catari’s Raiment, and flaunt your mystic abilities with the animated Ring of Ahnket Portrait Frame.

Ascended Essentials Pack


Experience the full range of RIFT’s character creation and create your perfect Ascended with the help of the Ascended Essentials Pack! Play whatever way you want with the help of the Primalist Calling, 19 Souls, 6 character slots per server, and more!

  • Frosty Moosedantix Mount
  • Bottomless Satchel
  • Trove of Boosts
  • Packmaster’s Reward Cache (Contains 20 Individual Reward Charges & 2 Challenger’s Marks)
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  • Ethereal Drake Mount
  • Asha Catari’s Raiment
  • Ring of Ahnket Portrait Frame
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  • Storm Legion Souls
  • Nightmare Tide Souls
  • Primalist Calling and Souls
  • Ascended Souls
  • 6 Character Slots per Server
  • Bag Slots 4 and 5
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Experience The Best Of RIFT

Enrich your adventures through the vibrant and vast realms of Telara by becoming a Patron! As a RIFT Patron, you’ll enjoy the fullest game experience in addition to a huge range of exclusive benefits.


Gain powerful new rewards and bonuses just for logging in to RIFT!

Every day that you log in to RIFT, you’ll receive 5 Affinity Points. Continue your adventures throughout the day, and earn up to 3 additional Affinity Points just for playing.

Exchange your points for epic rewards, including dream orbs, fishing poles and lures, and a collection of rare mounts – including a Tarken Glacier Mount, only available through Affinity.

Patron Benefits

Our Patron subscribers get store discounts, extra Loyalty rewards, and an enormous variety of bonuses to their currency, mount speed, and experience gains. On top of that, Patrons have enhanced log-in rewards through Affinity and exclusive access to chests with chances at premium items!


As a Patron, not only will you have a permanent discount on any purchases made with Credits at the RIFT Store, you’ll also have a ton of bonuses to in-game currencies and rewards!

  • STORE DISCOUNT Get 10% off all purchases made with Credits in the RIFT Store.

  • EXTRA CURRENCY Earn +15% currency (always on).

  • BONUS TOKENS 40% boost to RIFT currencies like Abyssal Crusader’s Marks (dungeons), Fragments of Madness (raids), Grandmaster Craftsman’s Mark, and more!

  • LOYALTY Earn more veteran rewards the longer you subscribe.


Reap greater rewards in your adventures throughout Telara with Bonus Supply Crates, higher chances at Marvelous loot, and extra opportunities for wealth and loot!

  • BONUS LOOT Get a free Supply Crate each week.

  • MARVELOUS LUCK Get an increased chance for Marvelous loot from Supply Crates!

  • ARTIFACT TRACKING Reveal artifacts on your minimap for 30 minutes each day!

  • EXTRA DAILY QUESTS Get +10 to your Daily Quest limit!

  • WEEKLY BONUS CHARGES +3 Bonus Reward Charges for Random Dungeons and Warfronts each week.


Empower your Ascended with exclusive abilities and enhanced experience, notoriety, and reputation gains!

  • PATRON’S RADIANCE Let your inner nature shine with a special, Patron-only cosmetic ability!

  • BONUS EXPERIENCE 40% XP boost helps you level faster to 60 and beyond. Toggle it off if you’d rather take it slow!

  • NOTORIETY 40% boost to reputation gains.

  • FAVOR & PRESTIGE 40% boosts to PvP XP and currency.

  • OVERLORD Your Minions love a good Overlord, earning +5% XP on each of their Adventures!


Make your travels through Telara easier with faster mounts, priority queueing, and worldwide access to Porticulums, bankers, and trainers!

  • PATRON FAST PASS Teleport on the go without a Porticulum (no matter where you are!) once every 30 mins.

  • PATRON SUMMONS Instant access to your Banker, Guild Banker, and Trainer.

  • MOUNTED COMMAND Travel faster with +10% Mount Speed, +25% faster mounting, and -5% chance to be dismounted.

  • PRIORITY QUEUE Move to the front of the line when your shard is full.

Non-recurring Patron Passes are available in-game! Visit the RIFT Store for instant access to Patron benefits for 15 or 30 days.

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6 Months

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1 Month

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Looking for new mounts, gear, companion pets, bag slots, and more? Stock up on RIFT Credits and visit the in-game Store to browse a huge variety of special items and services. As you spend Credits, you’ll earn special Loyalty Rewards, and you can even use Credits to gift items to a friend!

Buy Credits


REX is an item that grants RIFT Credits and Loyalty when opened in-game. You can trade or sell them to other players for Platinum (game currency) – check the auction house in RIFT to see the going Platinum price per REX!

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