Daunting, difficult, and immensely rewarding, 20-player raids are where the Ascended and Blood Storm clash to decide the fate of the planes. Each is home to an enemy of unfathomable power: a dragon god in Hammerknell, two in Infernal Dawn. And each plays its role in the long arc of RIFT, shaping the world and opening the door to all that lies beyond.

Greenscale’s Blight
Hammerknell Fortress
Infernal Dawn
River of Souls
Binding of Blood: Maelforge / Akylios / Greenscale / Laethys
Endless Eclipse
Frozen Tempest
Planebreaker Bastion
The Infinity Gate
Mount Sharax
Tyrant’s Forge


Slivers are 10-player raids into alternate realities where the Blood Storm won major victories and changed the fate of Telara. Though Slivers exist in different times and different dimensions, their inhabitants are quite real. Ascended raiders will leave with all their wounds – and loot – intact.

Drowned Halls
Gilded Prophecy
Primeval Feast
Rise of the Phoenix
Grim Awakening
Triumph of the Dragon Queen
The Rhen of Fate