What can match the intensity of the Blood Storm war? Battling other Ascended. Join the fray in your choice of instanced Warfronts, on the massive three-faction battlefields of Conquest, or across the open world. Regardless of where you fight, you’ll earn incredible XP, glory, and gear.


The Black Garden
Library of the Runemasters
The Codex
Whitefall Steppes
Blighted Antechamber
The Battle for Port Scion
Karthan Ridge
Ghar Station Eyn


3-Faction Open-World PvP
Level 65
Conquest is a three-faction war for Sourcestone fought in a massive alternate-reality zone. Swear allegiance the Nightfall, Dominion, or Oathsworn, and join their huge armies fighting and questing through a number of PvP and PvE objectives. As you take part, you’ll earn character-boosting benefits that persist after the end of the match.

Open-World PvP

Bring the cross-faction fight into the open world of Telara! Our dedicated PvP servers are designed to keep the battle going and blood running to sate fiercest Ascended. Be prepared to show your worth to your faction whenever you cross paths with an enemy!