Under castle and gorge, from city to tomb, minions of the Blood Storm raise armies and prepare for war. Their dark realms and twisted lairs offer thrilling challenges for 5 players whether you’re leveling up or attempting high-level Expert and Master modes. Gather your friends, sharpen your blades, and venture where heroes dare.

Abyssal Precipice
Caduceus Rise
Charmer’s Caldera
Darkening Deeps
Deepstrike Mines/Return to Deepstrike
Foul Cascade
Iron Tomb/Return to Iron Tomb
King’s Breach
Realm of the Fae
Runic Descent
The Fall of Lantern Hook
Archive of Flesh
Empyrean Core/Return to Empyrean Core
Exodus of the Storm Queen
Golem Foundry
Realm of Twisted Dreams
Storm Breaker Protocol
Tower of the Shattered
Unhallowed Boneforge
Citadel of Insanity
Glacial Maw
Gyel Fortress
Nightmare Coast