RIFT 4.1 – Forged in Flame

RIFT 4.1 – Forged in Flame

Join your fellow Ascended and challenge the infernal bosses of the Tartaric Depths!

In addition to a new 10-man raid, RIFT 4.1 – Forged in Flame also introduces the Looking For Raid system, quests to obtain Eternal Weapons, and improved customization with armor tinting upgrades to Trion’s critically acclaimed fantasy MMORPG!

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Shiny Shenanigans: May 26 – 29

  “Shiny hunting” remains one of the most beloved pastimes for the Ascended, and we’re making it even easier for you to finish those elusive sets on this Shiny Shenanigans Weekend!

New Name, New Packs!

It’s the perfect time to create two new packs to coincide with changing RIFT 4.0’s name to Prophecy of Ahnket! Don’t forget our special Free Expansion Weekend from May 10 to May 14 too!