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Trion Worlds is the leading publisher and developer of premium games for the connected era. Powered by a breakthrough development and publishing platform, Trion delivers high-quality, fully dynamic and massively social content across video game genres, gaming platforms and mass-market entertainment formats. Our world-class team, comprised of some of the most respected names in the industry, is revolutionizing online gaming.

Trion’s current online game portfolio consists of:

RIFT® is the critically acclaimed MMORPG that eclipsed more than one million activations in less than four months and generated $100 million in revenue in its first year. The game opens new vistas in the realm of fantasy games with a dynamic world that never plays the same way twice. The award-winning title transitioned to a free-to-play model in June 2012, alleviating all barriers to entry.

Defiance®, which launched in April 2013, is the first-of-its-kind collaboration developed by Trion and Syfy and is a new science fiction franchise with a successful massive third-person online shooter game for PC and console and a highly rated global television program on Syfy.

ArcheAge is a vast MMORPG adventure free from predefined paths and progression. Developed by Korean game company XL Games, players can band together and fight for glory and fortune in huge PvP battles and epic naval combat.

Trove® is an open-ended online adventure RPG where gamers journey through an endless dynamically generated universe filled with quests, chests, and dungeons that hold enemies great and small. Explore and create your way through fully constructible and destructible worlds where your next discovery is always around the corner, under the surface, or ready to be crafted by your own two hands.

Our innovative technology and gameplay, backed by the world’s biggest media companies and top venture capitalists, combines the best of online, gaming and traditional media to revolutionize the way connected games are designed, developed and delivered.

Trion is headquartered in Redwood City, CA.

To learn more about Trion or to inquire about publishing and development partnerships, please get in touch with us at the address listed on this page.


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