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Starter Packs are filled with bonuses, Credits, & Patron time tailored to new and veteran players alike.

Become a Patron Learn More

Enjoy unparalleled benefits as a Devilian Patron. Available in Patron Passes or recurring subs.

DEX Learn More

Sell your DEX for in-game currency (gold) on the Auction House, or redeem them for Credits to use at the Devilian Store.

Credits Get Credits

Stock up on Credits to spend on a HUGE range of special items and boosts at the Devilian Store.

Starter Packs

Fallen Nightmare Pack

Unleash the full fury of a Devilian with this devilish pack. Stacks of talismans, mountains of resistance materials, Patron time, blessings, tears, a bloodthirsty bird mount, and much more await!

Blasphemous Pack

You don’t have to sell your soul to unleash your potential as a Devilian! This treasure trove contains a terrifying bear mount, as well as patron time, blessings, talismans, and more!

  • 30-Day Patron Access
  • 30 Enigma Keys
  • Nightmare Cassowary
  • 3 7-day Elara’s Blessings
  • 3 7-day Bolton’s Blessings
  • 5 7-day Aira’s Blessings
  • 10 Gemmed Talisman Boxes
  • 10 Glowing Sacrificial Talisman Boxes
  • 15 Archdevil Dungeon Reentry Tickets
  • 5 Essence Core Boxes
  • 5 Essence Crystal boxes
  • 10 Ael’s Tears
  • 10 Ael’s Tears (Pure)
  • 10 Kavel’s Tears
  • Furious Jirah Talisman (More Dungeon XP/Gold)
  • Benevolent Tempera Talisman (More Abyssal Tower XP/Gold)
  • Sharpshooter Darius Talisman (Increase Devilian Stats)
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  • 15-Day Patron Access
  • 20 Enigma Keys
  • Nightmare Ursus Mount
  • 2 7-day Aira’s Blessings
  • 2 7-day Elara’s Blessings
  • 2 Sacrificial Talisman Boxes
  • Furious Jirah Talisman (More Dungeon XP/Gold)
  • Benevolent Tempera Talisman (More Abyssal Tower XP/Gold)
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Labyrinth Pack

Don’t get lost on your journey to defeat Kavel. This collection of devilish delights is sure to set you on the right path!

Tempest Class Pack

Unlock the Tempest class, as well as a several items to help you get started in Nala.

  • 10-Day Patron Access
  • 25 Enigma Keys
  • 7-day Elara’s Blessing
  • 7-day Bolton’s Blessing
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  • Tempest Class
  • 5-day Patron Access
  • 4 Inventory Expansion Tickets
  • 3-day Elara’s Blessing
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Become a Patronanchor 3

Our Patron subscription option is the best way to get the most out of Devilian. Packed with exclusive features and expanded benefits in-game, subscriptions are available in recurring options of varying length. Non-recurring Patron Passes can also be purchased with Credits here.
  • Level Faster!+25% EXP & Devil Souls from kills in Fields, Rifts, and Dungeons and +25% Dungeon Clear EXP.
  • More Login PointsEarn 3 total Login Points every day that you play to earn rewards faster!
  • Better Login RewardsPatrons receive access to a new set of Login rewards.
  • Spin AgainReceive an additional chance for bonuses when completing dungeons.
  • Warehouse AnywhereAccess your Warehouse from anywhere in the world.
  • Auction House AnywhereSell and buy on the Auction House from anywhere in the world.
  • Sell and SaveDiscounted Auction House Sale Fees and no more auction item registration fees!
  • Merchant DiscountsSave 10% when purchasing items sold for Credits, Gold, and non-event Tokens from NPC merchants.
  • Extra Skill PageAllows an additional saved skill page to allow the quick switching between loadouts.
  • Return AgainReduced cooldown on the Return skill allows for easier travel throughout Nala.
  • Daily RewardReceive a new and improved Patron Lucky Box every day that you play Devilian.
  • More Daily QuestsGet more done every single day with the ability to complete 5 additional Daily Quests.
  • Extra Abyssal Tower EntryDon’t let the Abyssal Tower get you down! Challenge it one more time every day.
  • Patron Exclusive MarketGet access to a special, Patron-only market. Get great items for Archgemstones!
  • Playtime RewardsGet special rewards just for playing Devilian. The longer you play, the better the rewards!

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6 Months

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DEXanchor 4

DEX is an item that grants Credits when opened. It can be traded between players, or purchased/sold on the Devilian Auction House. This allows industrious players to earn Patron status using their in-game currency (gold) while it gives players with less time a way to generate gold.

The Credits granted by a DEX can be redeemed for Patron Passes here, or you can spend them on a range of items and boosts available at the in-game Marketplace.

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