Alvir’s Legacy

Alvir’s Legacy

The time has come to claim the lost legacy of Alvir, Devilians! Reach Level 56, equip yourself with new gear, discover the power of Alvir’s Artifacts, and challenge new dungeons, including 4 Heroic and Hell dungeons, an Archdevil dungeon, and our most challenging type of dungeon ever: the Heroic Archdevil dungeon!

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Autumn Flowerfall!

It’s raining flowers this weekend once again – Devilians can harvest glorious blooms from their enemies!

Extra Life 2017 Rewards – Prepare for October 13th!

Trion Gamers, Save the date! Our 7th annual Extra Life event begins on October 13th at 11:30am PT, where we’ll be streaming for a full 24 hours at our regular home on Twitch:! Help us help sick...

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October Bonus Weekend!

Dungeoneers, it’s time to level your alts faster, earn even more coins and challenge all the PvE content you can handle!