What is Devilian?

Devilian is an MMORPG developed by Bluehole Ginno and published by Trion Worlds. You play as a half-devil hybrid and explore the world of Nala with thousands of other players in a persistent, online universe.

Is Devilian only playable online?

Yes, Devilian is an online roleplaying game where connecting to our servers and interacting with other players is a core part of the experience. Thousands will join you in battle through challenging dungeons, massive PvP battlegrounds, and in guilds to tackle the strongest enemies in Nala.

What are the system requirements?

OS: Windows 7 or Higher
CPU: Intel Core2 Duo P9300 @2.25Ghz
VIDEO: GeForce 7800GT, DirectX 9.0 or Higher Compatable

OS: Windows 7 or Higher
CPU: Intel Core i3 M 370 @2.40GHz
VIDEO: GeForce 9800GT, DirectX 9.0 or Higher Compatable
Memory: 20GB

What languages does Devilian support?

Devilian is available in English, French, and German. You can adjust your language settings from the Glyph settings panel.

I’m a Streamer/YouTuber/Website creator interested in Devilian. Can you help me?

Reach out to our Community Team at and tell them about your project or stream. They’d be more than happy to help you!

How do I download Devilian?

Start by downloading Glyph, Trion Worlds’ game library and hub, and create an account.

Once Glyph is launched, select Devilian from the list of available games in the left-hand column. Press “install” to get started.

How much does Devilian cost?

Devilian is free-to-play, which means that anyone can play Devilian absolutely free of cost. Extra items and costumes for your character can be purchased at the in-game marketplace, but these optional customizations don’t interfere with the core gameplay experience.

My account is “limited.” What does this mean?

To combat illicit and harmful behaviors such as gold selling and farming, botting, automated programs, and other activities, there are a handful of restrictions placed on limited accounts. Players must validate their accounts before certain social and economy features can be enabled.

Limited accounts still have access to all of Devilian’s content. However, they will not be able to use Megaphones to message other players, initiate communication with players not on their friend list, place items for sale on the in-game Auction House, or open trades with others.

Purchasing any item for or registering a boxed copy of any Trion Worlds game will validate your account.


I am in the same area as my friend but I do not see them, how do I join them?

Your friend is likely in a different channel than you. When enough players are in a zone, a new copy of that zone is created to prevent it from becoming overcrowded. You can switch channels anytime you are not in combat by accessing the dropdown in the upper-right corner of the screen.

What are Talismans?

Talismans represent fictional characters within the Devilian game and lore. Talismans are equipped in the same way as gear, and grant specialized stats. Once you reach max level, you can equip up to 5 Talismans at once. Talismans are upgraded when combined with other Talismans. A fully leveled Talisman is further enhanced when combined with Talismans identical to itself.

What is the difference between zone chat and Megaphone chat?

Zone chat can be used with /e command and allows you to communicate with everyone in the same region, regardless of what channel or instance they are in. Megaphones are items that allow you to communicate with everyone on the server using the shoutbox chat. A single Megaphone is consumed everytime you use /a.

A player is being rude to be or harassing me in-game, what can I do?

You can block players using the Block feature in the friends list tab (H). Click the Block button and type the offending players name in. If the player was harassing you, please also email with the offending players name and a description of the harassment.

If a player is spamming chat channels, report this player directly by right-clicking their name in chat and clicking “Report Spam”.


I purchased a Founders or Starter Pack. How do I redeem my items?

Your rewards from Founders or Starter Packs can be redeemed from the account tab of your in-game mail. Open Mail by pressing ‘U’ and click the Account tab to see your current rewards.

What items are rewarded per character and what items are rewarded per account?

All items are rewarded on every character you create with the exception of the following:

  • Gemmed Talisman Boxes
  • Elara and Bolton Blessings
  • Character Slots
  • Talismans

Please be cautious when redeeming these items as they are only redeemable on one character.


What is the Devilian Marketplace?

Devilian is a free-to-play game. All game content is available without purchase. However, we do offer convenience items, boosts, and cosmetics within the Devilian Marketplace to enhance your experience. The Devilian Marketplace is accessible in-game by clicking the Gift icon in the lower right corner.

What types of items are available in the Devilian Marketplace?

The Devilian Marketplace offers things like mounts, pets, cosmetic outfits, Supply Crates that contain random items, and boosts to your experience point and gold gains.

What are credits and how do I obtain them?

Credits are the currency used by Devilian for Marketplace purchases. You can purchase more credits either from the Devilian game page or the Glyph account management page. Alternatively, you can purchase them in-game. If you haven’t already set a primary payment method, purchasing an item in-game will launch a one-time webpage that will walk you through the process of purchasing credits.

How do I get my item once I purchase it?

When you purchase an item in the Devilian Marketplace, it goes into the account tab in your character’s mail.

What is DEX (Devilian Exchange)?

Devilian Exchange is a way for you to trade credits to another player. Dex is given to you as a consumable crystal that, when used, grants your account credit. This crystal can be traded, sold on the auction house, or given to friends.

Can I buy items for my friends or guildmates?

Yes, you can send an item to another player using the “send gift” button below an item the item icon. Remember, character names are CASE-SENSITIVE.