EVENT: Archdevil Run!

All right, you little devils… err, Devilians! It’s time for another fun event!

Nightmare Charger Supply Crate

Ride to battle on a powerful midnight-blue charger. Encased in powerful armor, his fetlocks and tail aglow with the pale aether of nightmare, lending a beautiful and deadly edge to...

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Slinky Summer Swimsuits!

It’s hot as blazes out there, but Devilians are ALWAYS cool… but never more so than with this year’s swimsuit collection! Dare to be as bare as you wish this...

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Hot Summer Events!

We’ll make it simple: complete ANY of the timed events for a Gear Upgrade box!


No one can resist temptation, not when it comes in the form of a Devilian Tempest… and certainly not when she is yours at half price!

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