The End is Nigh! Have you claimed your welcome pack yet?

Devilians, the wind whispers of the end of days, the cold begins to creep into the deepest hellfires of Nala. Are you prepared?


Be ready to take up residence in a new haven among Trion’s games!

We hope you’ve taken the time to choose your welcome pack in ArcheAge, RIFT, Trove, Defiance or Atlas Reactor. We’ll see you there soon.

If you have NOT seen an email from Customer Service yet, do not panic. There are many reasons why you may not have received one, even though you qualify for transfer. Even Customer Notification emails are subject to blocks by ISPs, burial in spam folders or other errors. We also recently found an edge case in our own data pulls that affected a small number of people, and they have now been added and emailed.

If you qualify, even if you cannot find an email, you can claim your welcome pack and credit transfer:

  1. Go to the Glyph Store page
  2. Sign in at top right (very important)
  3. Select Devilian game
  4. Scroll down and you should see your credits listed
  5. Scroll down a little further and you should see all of the welcome packs for you to choose from.
  6. Click CLAIM.
  7. You’ll be taken to a page to complete your 0 cost purchase.
  8. Follow any additional instructions to assign your welcome pack.
  9. If you do not yet have a character in your new game of choice, the welcome pack will be sent to the first character you create there!


Not sure if you qualify? Check out our Devilian Sunset FAQ!

If you feel that you do qualify for the welcome pack and credit transfer but do not see this offer, PLEASE contact our folks at Trion Customer Service for help with your account. We want to help!

  1. Go to our Customer Support page
  2. Sign in at top right
  3. Submit a ticket.


Making sure you’re happy is our goal.

Please help us by reminding your Devilian friends, old and new, to claim their packs today. If you or someone you know misses the March 5th deadline to claim the pack, please go to our Customer Support page and we will do our utmost to help!

~The Devilian Team

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