Ghoulicornicious Halloween!

That’s right, we have declared that Ghoulicornicious is now a word… in Devilian, at least!

Halloween is our favorite time of year, and we’ll bet it’s yours, too! This is the time when leaves blacken and shrivel, evil comes out earlier at night, and extremely cool items show up on our Store!

Returning for your perusal and purchase:

  • Pumpkin Head
  • Witch’s Hat
  • Witch’s Broom

…we’d LOVE to see you all dressed up on our Twitter channel @DevilianGame!

And of course, the unholy Ghoulicorn Supply Crate eerily dangles before you once more, bringing with it a chance to win your own ghostly unicorn…

Buy the ten pack of supply crates to gain an extra 5 support tokens and 2 Ael’s Tears (pure)!

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