Falling Prices – 50% Store Discount

More than the leaves are falling this autumn – catch the prices while you can!

The Devilian store offers almost all credit items at 50% off during the Falling Prices event!
Now is the time to indulge your desires for the items you’ve always wanted.

Remember that you only have one short week to take advantage of Nala’s generosity: the sale starts at 9:00 AM PDT on Wednesday, October 11 and ends at 9:00 AM PDT on Tuesday, October 17th.

What sort of cool things can you get at half price? Well, those adorable Corgis, for one thing… and you can combine them with a healing pet or Nanus for a companion that is helpful and adorable!

Important note: We mentioned that ALMOST all credit items are on sale. Items on the Supply Crate tab are NOT offered at discount (Supply Crates, Enigma Keys, Talisman Boxes, Invasion Ticket Boxes, Tempest Package).

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