October Bonus Weekend!

Dungeoneers, it’s time to level your alts faster, earn even more coins and challenge all the PvE content you can handle!

All a Devilian really wants is easy money and fast advancement – we can’t blame you for your ambition! This coming weekend, earn bonus experience and gold by taking part in any of the following activities:

  • Normal Dungeons
  • Archdevil dungeons
  • Transcendent Dungeons
  • Raid Dungeons
  • Field Mobs
  • Abyssal Tower Creatures

Let’s spice it up even more by granting a Dungeon Reward Pack for running a dungeon with a group – level appropriate, of course! The Dungeon Run Reward Pack contains:

  • 3x Aira’s Blessings (120 min)
  • 50x Archgemstones
  • 10x Elite Certificates

Grab your friends and GO!
This Bonus event runs from Friday, October 6th at 9:00 AM Pacific / 16:00 UTC to Tuesday, October 10th at 9:00 AM Pacfic / 16:00 UTC.
The Dungeon Reward Packs will be sent out after the event, one per account.

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