Hurt For Health

It’s totally true! Lay down the hurt and earn a PvP Potion Pack!

Polish your boots and spikes, it’s time to charge into the Corrupted Courtyard! Bash ’em, melt ’em, run ’em through – you don’t even have to WIN!
Just run three or more PvP battles on any character in the Corrupted Courtyard 3×3 scenario to earn a reward of a PvP Potion Pack.
The Potion Pack awarded is based on the highest level character you employed in your Courtyard stomping. Limit of one per account!

The PvP Potion Pack includes:

  • 15x Devilian Health Potion Box
  • 15x Health Potion Box
  • 100x Training Certificates

The Hurt for Health event is active from Friday, August 25th (9:00 AM PDT/1600 UTC) until Tuesday, August 29th (9:00 AM PDT/1600 UTC).

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