Dungeon Speed Run: Infested Manor!

Vie for prizes and the “Speed Demon” title as you race through Infested Manor. Did we mention this speed run is on HELL MODE? Bwa-ha-haaaa!

So you’re up to it then? Great! Challenge your fellow players to the fastest solo time!
Get your speed demon on when you blast through the Infested Manor (Hell Mode) dungeon! We’ll track your times through our system and the winners will be tallied at the end of the event.

Rewards the Speed Run Pack for the top 3 solo times for EACH Devilian class in full runs and boss kills during the event:

  • The in-game title “Speed Demon.”
  • 500 Archgemstones
  • 50 Elite Certificates (PvP)


We’ll also sweeten the deal by offering a Dungeon Run Reward Pack for anyone who completes a level-appropriate dungeon during these event dates!

  • 3x Aira’s Blessings (120 min)
  • 50x Archgemstones
  • 10x Elite Certificates (PvP)

Prizes will be awarded one per account after the event ends! You can win one of each, but only one of each per account.
Dates: Friday, August 11th (9:00 AM PDT/16:00 UTC) to Tuesday, August 15th (9:00 AM PDT/16:00 UTC)

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