To the Chopping Block: Slay Your Foes in the Hellish Fallen Castle!


With the Castle of the fallen update, new challenges have appeared. One of them being the Fallen Castle itself… the Hell Mode, that is! It’s always dangerous to go alone, so take your friends along for this weekend challenge!

Between Friday June 2nd at 9am PDT / 1600 UTC and Tuesday June 5 at 9am PDT / 1600 UTC, groups of three that run the Fallen Castle’s Hell Mode will be rewarded for their efforts!

Each player that that completes Fallen Castle Hell Mode with a group of three will receive the following:

  • 30 Honor Tokens
  • 100 Archgemstones
  • 10 Hellspawn Tokens
  • 2 Hell Mode Fallen Castle Invasion Tickets

You can earn these rewards once per account per day, and they will be awarded after the event has concluded.

We know you’re up to the test, so decimate your foes and enjoy your fiendish spoils!


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