The Jungle Cassowary Dashes into the Stable!

This daring bird emerges from depths of the forest undergrowth! For a limited time, Jungle Cassowary Supply Crates are available, which have a rare chance to yield this truly frightening fowl.

Secure an elusive Jungle Cassowary for yourself and stock up on useful goods at the same time, such as Talisman Boxes, Ael’s Tears, Kavel’s Tears, or an Enigma Key.  This bird won’t stay forever, so be sure to fly over to the Marketplace soon!

Want lots of goodies? Buy a 10-pack of the Jungle Cassowary Supply Crates and get TWO Kavel’s Tears and a Grand Enchanting Supply Crate in addition to the goodies from the Jungle Cassowary Supply Crates!

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