The Castle of the Fallen Update is now on PTS: Play and Earn Rewards!

Attention, Devilians!

We welcome you to preview Update 7.0: Castle of the Fallen, now on PTS. Seek out new challenges, earn epic rewards, and get a head start on learning the new features:

  • Battle awesome foes and earn the new top tier gear in the Heroic level Transcendent Dungeon Dimensional Fortress
  • Face old foes with new tricks in the new Hell mode of the Fallen Castle dungeon, and spin the roulette for a chance at G7 gems!
  • Try out the new Level 60 Special potions designed to aid you on your adventures
  • Improve your Devilian gear more easily now with improved success chances!
  • …And more!

Play the preview now through Monday, May 22nd at 9am PDT / 1600 UTC and you can earn some sweet rewards for your live character!  Just log in with a new or level 58 character and level up to 60, then conquer one of the two new dungeons.  New characters will need to level up to 10 and do the quest for the Devilian tutorial to be able to use the items to level up to 60.

Your rewards will be granted to your live account after the Castle of the Fallen update is complete in both NA and EU regions, and is limited to one pack per account.

Level up your gear with these awesome rewards:

  • 10 Grand Devilian Enchanting Stone Supply Crates
  • 20 Kavel’s Tears
  • 10 Devilian Armor Attribute Stones
  • 5 Devilian Weapon Attribute Stones
  • 20 Devilian Refining Stones
  • 10 PvE Gear Refining Stones

Enemies loom on the horizon, Devilian. Go find them.


PS: Need a refresher on how to refine the stats on your Devilian Gear? No problem!

If you haven’t already put stats on your gear, you need to do that first. Right-click on an Armor or Weapon Attribute Stone to add a random stat to the gear. While you do not have to accept the results, the materials are used regardless. Each piece of gear can only have a single stat on it at once. The value of the stat will be quite low, don’t worry – the next step fixes that!

To make that stat better, you simply right-click on the Devilian Refining Stone to use it improve the stat on your gear. Done!

You can apply the Attribute Stones and Refining Stones as often as you’d like, but the Stones are used up each time.


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