The Daily Quest Extravaganza begins Friday!

The Daily Quest Extravaganza approaches! Between Friday April 7th at 9 AM PST and Tuesday April 11th at 9AM PST, Devilians can earn bonus loot just by completing  daily quests.

Rack up the Rewards!

While this event is active, you can earn the following spoils once per day, per character:

  • Vallonde Emerald Box x2
  • Instant Potion Concentrate
  • Vallonde Enchanting Stone Box

These extra rewards stack, and will be granted in a glorious pile of loot after the event has concluded. (The Nanus in charge of the treasury has insisted he be given time to double check his math!)

Don’t delay– quest today!


PS: Don’t have daily quests unlocked? Level to 23 and complete the main storyline quests available!


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