Spring Fling: A Spectacular Spectacle for All!


The flowers are blooming, the ducks are quacking, and love is in the air! That’s right: the Spring Fling event is back! Every year, flowers are gifted to the would-be lovers in honor of the event, starting on March 31st at 9AM PDT until 9AM April 12th! 

Antwan, as shy as ever, longs to show Belle his true feelings with a gift that proves that love is in bloom— but he needs your help! He’s called on the Devilian Vanguard for assistance in these matters of the heart.


Now, how can you help with Antwan’s romantic quest? Easy:

  • Defeating mobs within 5 levels above or below your character level will have a small chance to drop a Rose
  • Bosses will always drop 5 Roses
  • Find Antwan by the fountain in Asperon for all event exchanges

Wait no longer! Tackle the mobs of Nala to collect your Roses in full bloom. It’s time to lay waste and punish them in the name of love!

If you speak to Antwan in Asperon, you’ll be able to trade your Rose drops in for some excellent rewards:

  • Fearless Dragon Ray
  • Fancy Duck Mask
  • Fancy Duck Armor
  • Talisman Box
  • Glowing Talisman Box
  • Gemmed Talisam Box
  • Sacrificial Talisman Box
  • Glowing Talisman Box
  • Enigma Key
  • Ancient Dungeon Bounty Potion
  • Debuff Immunity Potion
  • Soul Healing Potion
  • Revival Stone
  • Megaphone x50

Celebrate today!

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