Beware the Terror of Totames: New raid launches February 14!

Whether you prefer the path of the Morbid or Capricious, the lands of Nala now offer you
even more excitement – Devilians will earn their chosen item set only through great effort and risk!

New Dungeon: Dimensional Fortress – NIGHTMARE!

Gain access to this new type of dungeon twice daily, through the Trancendance stone in Asperon or through the Dungeon Finder (under the Archdevil tab).  You will take on some impressive foes:

  • Nightmare Shukera
  • Galli
  • Nightmare Tare
  • Nightmare Sharkion

If you are able to vanquish the mini-bosses fast enough, you will gain buffs to bolster your efforts on the end boss.

These boons stack and do not expire, and best of all, acquiring all of the buffs increase their effectiveness! Be warned though – death will cruelly strip them all from you! Only those Devilians who are alive and in the dungone at the time a buff is granted will recieve it, and leaving the dungeon will remove buffs.

The end boss is randomly chosen, so you never know what awaits you! Will it be Galoken, Dekaramieh, Avarix or Nightmare? There is only one way to find out, and the Morbid item set is your reward!

You must have a Gear Score of 1140 and be level 58 to enter.

New RAID – Forbidden Sanctuary – TOTAMES!

The war changed everything, from the landscape to the history of the land. Forests turned into deserts; deserts dissolved into nothingness.

Sometimes, a faint outline of a pyramid would be spied from the far end of the sand desert, but the people thought it was merely a mirage, conjured up by the shifting sands.

It wasn’t until the desert started to shrink, when the sands stopped shifting, that they realized the truth; the pyramid stood tall and solid. Mysterious and vaguely menacing, it beckoned to the adventurous.

Many entered the pyramid with hopes of lost riches, but were never seen again. One or two traumatized survivors managed to struggle out to tell the tale. Expecting long-abandoned riches, they were instead plunged into a labyrinth of mirages, traps, and faced the enraged spirit of the Pharaoh.

“No one can lay a finger on my treasure!”

Totames, the Pharaoh, was becoming one with the Chaos Stone…

Gather eight of your most formidable friends and battle your way to Totames in this new raid! If you are Level 58 and have an Item Level of 1146, you may be ready to take this on. The Forbidden Sanctuary is a challenge that requires cooperation among all raid members, so choose them carefully!

Your team must learn to overcome time limits and manage mysterious portals, triggers that control deadly traps, or which define safe areas and killing zones. Are you up for the intellectual challenge and level of mutual support required?

While discovering the many secrets of the Sanctuary, you will battle a wide range of dangerous, ancient creatures, including the Pharoah’s Fire Warriors and Isis’ Shamen and Envoys, on the way to take on fascinating, yet deadly mini-bosses, including:

  • Nightmare Shukera
  • Nightmare Tare
  • Nightmare Sharkion
  • Galli
  • Afris, Symbol of Greed
  • Usharvheti
  • Shawahvti

And then, of course, you must face the great Pharoah, Totames himself. We are all eager to see how you approach this enormous challenge. Post your tales of cunning and skill to our forums! We’ll know you actually succeeded if we see you wearing the Capricious item set!

Enter through the Raid Looking for Group window, or through the portal found at the Segarro Coast.

Learn more about this update in our official patch notes, and good luck!