Kill bosses, get Enchanting Stones: January 6 – 9

Those bosses are hoarding Enchanting Stones again! Quick, GET ‘EM!

Starting on January 6, you’ll be able to defeat bosses to earn extra Enchanting Stones! The type of stone dropped will change each day of the event, and the stones will only drop during certain times of the day. Players who are between 25 and 49 will receive green Enchanting Stones, while players level 50 and above will receive blue Enchanting Stones.

This time around, the drop times will be a little longer, that way everyone can get enough time to grab their drops!

Bolton: Stones drop between 9 AM – 12 PM & 7 PM – 11 PM Pacific (-7 GMT)
Elara: Stones drop between 9 AM – 12 PM & 7 PM – 11 PM UTC

  • Friday, January 6 – Cape Enchanting Stone day!
  • Saturday, January 7 – Armor Enchanting Stone day!
  • Sunday, January 8 – Weapon Enchanting Stone day!
  • Monday, January 9 – Accessory Enchanting Stones day!

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