The Festival of the Damned returns: October 21 – November 2!

Official Livestream #40: Hellish Halloween

Get your Witch’s Broom & Kavel’s Tears before they’re gone! Plus: 50% off Animal Costumes and Pet Cores!

Candy, candy everywhere! The Festival of the Damned is back, and that means it’s time to take out as many enemies as possible for the maximum amount of sugar.

Take down monsters in the world or dungeons that are within 5 levels of your character, and they’ll have a chance to drop special festival candy. Dungeon bosses, mind you, will always drop candy, so make sure your Trick-Or-Treat route has stops there.

Once you’ve collected your fill, visit Justina in Asperon to turn in your candy for special festival prizes like like a Witch’s Broom, a Pumpkin Head, Talismans, Attribute Stones, potions, and more.

And, as an ADDED BONUS, players who log in with a level 56+ character will receive 1 Kavel’s Tear per account every day they log in. The tears will be available until the end of the event on November 2, so make sure to log in every day!

Finally, make sure to dress up for the season and get your pets in on the act. We’ve discounted all of our Animal Costumes and Pet Cores by 50% off during the festival!

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