Devilian is going to Level 56 with our Next Major Update!



While the Stormfront War wages, Malak has been reborn in rage to seek revenge against the Devilian Vanguard. In Alvir’s Legacy, Alvir the Angel of Reason has returned with valuable Artifacts for the war and new challenges to face!

This new update is packed full of new dungeons for you to enjoy and more, check out the full patch notes here.


Level up to 56 and enjoy new dungeons, new gear, new artifacts, and a brand new challenge – the Heroic Archdevil Dungeon!


With this update, we’ve introduced four new Heroic and Hell mode dungeons: Glimmermire, Frozen Altar, Storm-Carved Path, and Echoing Cavern. We’re very happy to share that a new Archdevil dungeon has arrived: Dread Ruins. As an added bonus, a brand new type of dungeon has arrived! Test yourself against the new Heroic Archdevil Dungeon, Shuddering Gorge, where only the most powerful half-devils play.


Take on new Daily Quests to find your way to these new dungeons and explore the Stormfront Invasion Site in full. You’ll find you’ll be handsomely rewarded for your time and effort!


No major update is complete without new gear sets! Dress yourself for war with the new Blaze, Dark Knowledge, Wicked Soul, and Sacred (PvP) gear sets in this update. Available in both PvP and PvE, these sets are the new standard in style and power. The Abyssal Tower is your next gear stop, new accessories are available to take your half-devil to the next level.


Alvir’s Artifacts have fortunately arrived just in time to aid the Devilian Vanguard in the war against Reverent Malak, learn more in the recent Producer’s Letter. These ancient artifacts may be our only hope to defeat Kavel’s rising

As an added bonus, Enigma Boxes will have additional Gem drops and a chance at Gem jackpots until Monday, July 18! Earn more when you open up!

Experience these new dungeons, a brand new dungeon type, new artifacts, and more with Alvir’s Legacy!