Rise the Ranks with Guild Tournaments


A new way to stake your claim in Nala is on the horizon! We are very happy to share that Guild Tournaments will arrive in Asperon with the mid-January update in Devilian. In a series of 20 vs 20 PvP battles, the top ranking guilds will be able face one another to compete for valuable collections of Archgemstones each Sunday. With four tiers of rewards, your guild’s placement in the weekly Guild Tournament will determine the amount of Archgemstones each participating member of your guild is able to collect. The higher you rank, the more you will earn.

This is a battle of the best of the best! To join this fight for fortune, your guild will need to first be one of the top four ranking guilds in Guild War for your server. In addition to adding your claim with your guild on the Infinite Hunting Grounds with Devilian War, you’ll have a chance to earn even more each week with Guild Tournaments.

If you beat out all the rest and become the champion guild for that week, you’ll score a special claim to fame for a full 13 days to celebrate your triumphs!

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