Play More, Get More!


Whether destroying enemies in monthly events, opening containers with hard earned currency, or purchasing lockboxes in the Defiance store, players strive to pull that lucky Jackpot and get their hands on some of Defiance’s best weaponry.

Well, starting with the Neo Votanis Freebooters event, we are happy to announce that if you are a Patron, Karma will be on your side!

The new Paradise Karma system is designed to give Patron players a better chance at Jackpots. Not only will every Patron player get an ADDITIONAL loot roll for a Jackpot, but the more they play, the higher Jackpot drop rate of their roll!

Here is how it works:

  • Completing Major Arkfall events and purchasing Synergy lockboxes from the Defiance store will increase your Karma for that particular event.
  • As your Karma increases, so does your chance at earning a Jackpot: all the way up to 100%!
  • The longer that you go without earning a Jackpot, the better your chances to get one next time!
  • Once you receive a Jackpot, your Karma will reset.
  • There may be a small delay (30 seconds) between opening a lock box and receiving the Karma jackpot.

It doesn’t stop there though. Beginning with Neo Votanis Freebooters event, Patron players will also enjoy better benefits than EVER, thanks to these improved Patron boosts:

  • Arkforge Gain: 100% (up from 10%)
  • Experience Gain: 100% (up from 20%)
  • Skill Gain: 100% (up from 20%)
  • Reputation Gain: 25% (up from 20%)
  • Ark Salvage Gain: 25% (up from 20%)
  • Scrip Gain: 25% (up from 20%)
  • Score Gain: 25% (up from 10%)
  • Ammo/Spike/Stim/Grenade Gain: 50% (up from 20%)

So grab a Paradise Patron pass, and enjoy some of the most amazing benefits Defiance has to offer!

See you all on the New Frontier!