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Jubilee Packs are filled with bonuses that new and veteran players alike will love, including Credits, Patron time, and items.

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Own your own land and enjoy unparalleled benefits as an ArcheAge Patron. Available in Patron Passes or recurring subs.

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Sell your APEX for in-game currency (gold) on the Auction House, or redeem them for Credits to use at the ArcheAge Store.

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Stock up on Credits to spend on a HUGE range of special items and boosts at the ArcheAge Store.

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Archeum Jubilee Pack

This special party pack is stuffed to bursting with incredible items, including the new Multipurpose Workbench, new Migration Talismans, new Wrapped Migration Scales, 90 days of Patron, Regrade Charms, and more!


Gold Jubilee Pack

Three cheers! This pack is jammed full of great items, including the new Migration Talismans, new Wrapped Migration Scales, 60 days of Patron, Regrade Charms, and more!


Silver Jubilee Pack

This treasure trove, 2 years in the making, is bursting with awesome items, like the new Migration Talismans, a new Wrapped Migration Scale, 30 days of Patron, and more!

  • 5000 Credits
  • 90 Days of Patron Status
  • 20 Bound Worker’s Compensation: 1000
  • 700 Bound Tax Certificates
  • 10 Bound Migration Talismans
  • 5 Wrapped Migration Scales
  • 5 Resplendent Weapon Regrade Scrolls
  • 5 Resplendent Armor Regrade Scrolls
  • 5 Resplendent Accessory Regrade Scrolls
  • 5 Red Regrade Charms
  • 2 Superior Red Regrade Charms
  • Wrapped Otherworld Storage Chest
  • Anywhere Warehouse
  • Duun’s Blessing
  • Multipurpose Workbench
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  • 2500 Credits
  • 60 Days of Patron Status
  • 10 Bound Worker’s Compensation: 1000
  • 350 Bound Tax Certificates
  • 5 Bound Migration Talismans
  • 2 Wrapped Migration Scales
  • 2 Resplendent Weapon Regrade Scrolls
  • 2 Resplendent Armor Regrade Scrolls
  • 2 Resplendent Accessory Regrade Scrolls
  • 2 Red Regrade Charms
  • Superior Red Regrade Charm
  • Wrapped Otherworld Storage Chest
  • Anywhere Warehouse
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  • 1000 Credits
  • 30 Days of Patron Status
  • 5 Bound Worker’s Compensation: 1000
  • 150 Bound Tax Certificates
  • 2 Bound Migration Talismans
  • Wrapped Migration Scale
  • Wrapped Otherworld Storage Chest
  • Resplendent Weapon Regrade Scroll
  • Resplendent Armor Regrade Scroll
  • Resplendent Accessory Regrade Scroll
  • Red Regrade Charm
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Become a Patronanchor 3

Our Patron subscription option is the best way to get the most out of ArcheAge. Packed with exclusive features and expanded benefits in-game, subscriptions are available in recurring options of varying length. Non-recurring Patron Passes can also be purchased with Credits here.
  • Work Ethic BonusDouble your Labor Point regeneration to 10/5 min!
  • Bonus ExperienceGet a 20% bonus to all Experience gained through questing, combat, and labor usage.
  • Land OwnershipClaim and own a piece of Erenor by placing farms and houses!
  • Deep Sleeper BonusEarn Labor Points (10/5 min) even while you’re offline.
  • Loyalty TokensGet 5 Loyalty Tokens when you log in each day. Redeem them for special items at the in-game Loyalty Store!
  • Auction House ListingGet full access to listing and selling items on the Auction House.
  • Max Labor BonusIncrease your maximum Labor Points to 5,000.
  • Bonus CreditsReceive 10% bonus credits with the purchase of any Credit Pack.
  • Patron QueueReceive priority queuing when entering the game.
  • Auction House AnywhereAccess the Auction House from anywhere through a UI button, without having to visit an Auctioneer.
  • Repair AnywhereRepair items directly from your inventory without having to visit a Blacksmith.
  • Sell and SaveAuction House commissions reduced from 10% to 5%.
  • Work Faster!Perform farming and crafting activities 20% faster.
  • Arena AnywhereQueue for the Arena from anywhere through a UI button.

12 Months

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6 Months

($7194 Total Price)



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3 Months

($4047 Total Price)



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1 Month

($1499 Total Price)



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APEX is an item that grants Credits when opened. It can be traded between players, or purchased/sold on the ArcheAge Auction House. This allows industrious players to earn Patron status using their in-game currency (gold) while it gives players with less time a way to generate gold.

The Credits granted by an APEX can be redeemed for Patron Passes here, or you can spend them on a range of items and boosts available at the in-game Marketplace.

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