What is ArcheAge?

ArcheAge is an open-world sandbox game unlike any other available in the West today. In ArcheAge you can raise your own mount, fight your way through a dungeon, craft the best armor in the game, build your own open-world farms and houses, sail your ship on the high seas to trade with foreign ports, swoop in on airships and fight other players for plunder, claim a piece of land for your guild (then fight with them to defend your territory from rival guilds!), and lots of other amazing things. We’re thrilled to be able to bring ArcheAge to the West!

Is ArcheAge free-to-play?

Yes! You’ll be able to play ArcheAge without purchasing the game or paying a subscription. We will also offer optional Patron subscriptions and non-recurring passes that will grant a number of great benefits including the ability to own land in-game, a discount at the in-game store, boosts, and more.

How do I start playing?

Download Glyph and create an account by clicking here!


How much control does Trion Worlds have over the development of ArcheAge for the West?

Trion Worlds is the publisher of ArcheAge in the West, and we interact closely with XL Games, the developer of ArcheAge based in South Korea, to ensure that we publish a game that is true to the promise of the open-world sandbox title of the year. We work with XL Games to understand new features that are added to ArcheAge in the East, determine how well they will be accepted in our regions, and then we offer feedback. XL Games has been fantastic in addressing that feedback as best as they can. In situations where a feature is added that we don’t think will be appropriate for our audiences, we work with XL Games to modify or remove that feature from our version.

What does “localization” mean in terms of ArcheAge?

ArcheAge’s localization involves more than just translation from Korean into English, French, and German! It’s also about tweaking the content to ensure that the lore and jokes are appropriate for Western audiences. Some of the jokes that make sense in Korea don’t translate that well for Western audiences, so we adjust them to keep the humor. One of the challenges with localizing from Korean is that the language structure is very different from English, French, or German. The game is localized into English first, and then the edited text is translated into French and German. It makes the whole process take a bit longer, but the result is so much better!

How does Trion Worlds select what’s available on the in-game cash store?

We work closely with XL Games to understand the impacts of the different items that are on the store in Korea so we can ensure that we keep store items optional and fitting our “No Tricks, No Traps” vision of free-to-play. As the game is new, there will not be catch-up gear in the store at launch, as is seen in our other free-to-play games. It’s important to us that items sold on the store are not required to enjoy the game.

I have a question about ArcheAge in another region or language! Can you help?

Each publisher manages the ArcheAge service in their territories according to their needs and the conversations between that publisher and XL Games. It is not appropriate for us to comment on other publishers’ actions. We do watch what other publishers are doing and how their communities react to help us understand the impact of their changes; we also understand that different communities have different needs and preferences. We continue to work with XL Games and leverage our experience to ensure that we have the best ArcheAge that we can for the Western audience.


How is Trion Worlds planning on handling housing and farms?

The open-world housing in ArcheAge is a compelling sandbox feature that we’re very glad to have in the game. Because the housing is non-instanced, there needs to be a balance between available land and players who wish to place farms and houses. ArcheAge will be free-to-play and, as such, will have a variety of players who are in direct competition for land.

As a protective measure against infinite free placeholder accounts claiming precious land, ownership of limited real estate is reserved for players with Patron Status* at launch. Free players are encouraged to participate in the crafting and farming aspects of this game, and will also be able to both use public land and share farms and houses with friends who give them access. Remember, not all the housing areas are marked on the map, so explore a bit to find the best places for your farm and house!

*You can get Patron Status with recurring Patron Subscriptions and/or limited-duration Patron Passes available for Credits – click here to learn more.

Are there any limitations on my classes or equipment?

There are no limits on how you mix and match ArcheAge Skillsets to build your class; you can pick your Skillsets by flavor, or to maximize a certain attack or defense type. By level ten, you will be able to select three different Skillsets out of a list of ten options. If you want to be an assassin/warrior/mage who throws fireballs and then jumps out of range, only to throw another fireball – or sneak up on your enemy to stab them in the back – you can build your class that way!

With the mixing and matching of classes, you can also mix and match equipment. There’s nothing stopping a mage from wearing plate armor, or a warrior tank from wearing cloth! There are different stats for cloth, leather, and plate armor – and each armor type has different set bonuses – so pick the armor that best suits your play style.

How does Trion Worlds plan to handle bots in ArcheAge?

We’ve built up an arsenal of tools to handle bots and other forms of negative or exploitative play. Our platform has the best analytics, alerts, and Customer Support processes to help make sure our games are as close to bot-free as possible. As a game integrated deeply with our platform, ArcheAge will benefit from all of the bot-stopping processes that you’ve seen in RIFT and Defiance.

For example, when these processes were implemented in RIFT, more than 50,000 bot accounts were banned in the initial wave after which botting rapidly decreased. Since then, we’ve removed hundreds of thousands of bot accounts over time, and continue to closely monitor for negative or exploitative play.

Are players allowed to scam other players in-game in ArcheAge?

Yes. ArcheAge is a highly competitive PvP game and skullduggery will be a weapon of choice just as sharp as a sword (and possibly even more potent).

How many characters can I have per account?

An account will start with two character slots and be allowed to have a maximum of six character slots but with a limit of four per server at launch.


Does ArcheAge have a Patron Program (VIP Subscription) like RIFT?

Yes! Read more about the ArcheAge Patron program here.

What is Patron Status?

Patron Status grants all sorts of game boosts including improved labor regeneration, an experience bonus, the ability to own a house or farm, and loyalty rewards.

What can I buy with Credits?

Credits allow you to purchase all sorts of goods from the in-game store (Marketplace) including consumables, unique gliders, costumes, crest design reagents, and more. Patron Passes, which grant 30-days of Patron Subscription benefits, are also available for Credits in Glyph.


Are the items that come with the Packs tradeable?

The following items from the Packs are tradeable (only while wrapped in the case of items that are delivered as wrapped):

  • Small Pirate Plushie Trove
  • Large Pirate Plushie Trove
  • Permanent Personal Post Parrot
  • Permanent Personal Post Owl
  • Parrot Mailbox
  • Sapphire Solarium Design

Can a Pack be purchased more than once?

Yes, however be advised that you can only be in possession of a single Onyx Steamfish Submarine per character (these items are bound and unique). Having an Onyx Steamfish Submarine in your inventory or warehouse will prevent you from opening another Anniversary Pack box that contains a second Onyx Steamfish Submarine. If you wish to, you can delete the first Onyx Steamfish Submarine and open a second pack to re-obtain it as well as the additional items.

Do the Bound Worker’s Compensation have a cooldown?

No, the Bound Worker’s Compensation that come with all of the packs do not have a cooldown. Work Work!

What is the Small Pirate Plushie Trove?

This is a storage chest that can be placed on floor space or large furniture and provides 50 slots of storage.

What is the Large Pirate Plushie Trove?

This is a storage chest that can be placed on floor space or large furniture and provides 100 slots of storage.

Is the Sapphire Solarium Design a full kit?

The Sapphire Solarium Design is NOT a full kit. You will need to provide construction materials to fully construct this house.

What is the difference between the Permanent Personal Post Parrot and Parrot Mailbox?

The Permanent Personal Post Parrot allows you to summon a Any-Post Parrot (unlimited uses) that lasts 10 minutes and functions as a mailbox. The Parrot Mailbox also functions as a mailbox but must be placed in/near your house.

What is the Marauder’s Glider?

This is the glider design favored by the pirate Morpheus. It already has the first level of glider enhancements and is eligible for the crafting the second glider enhancements. It also has the abilities to make sharp left and right turns along with Glider Nitro and Instant Acceleration.