What is ArcheAge?

ArcheAge is an open-world sandbox MMO unlike any other. In ArcheAge you can raise your own mount, fight your way through a dungeon, craft the best armor in the game, build your own open-world farms and houses, sail your ship on the high seas to trade with foreign ports, swoop in on airships and fight other players for loot, claim land for your guild (then fight to defend your territory from rival guilds), form your own nation, and tons of other incredible things.

Is ArcheAge free-to-play?

You can download and play ArcheAge for free. All players are able to attain maximum level, travel to all zones, form guilds, run families, found nations, and participate in battlegrounds, arenas, raids, and dungeons. In addition, all of ArcheAge’s content updates have always been free for all players.

Our paid Patron subscription offers incredible benefits, including offline Labor regeneration and the ability to own land. For a full list of the benefits, please visit our Patron page. We also offer an optional in-game marketplace that features a variety of items.

You can get Patron time or purchase items from the marketplace by using APEX purchased with in-game gold.

How do I start playing?

Download Glyph and create an account by clicking here!

If you’re having trouble downloading or launching ArcheAge or Glyph, please visit our customer support site!


How does housing and farming work?

ArcheAge’s open-world housing is a compelling sandbox feature. However, as the housing is non-instanced, there needs to be a balance between available land and players who wish to place farms and houses. To protect against infinite free placeholder accounts being used to claim land, ownership of real estate is reserved for Patrons. In addition, players can only have two unbuilt homes at once; if you want to claim land, you need to use it!

Free players are still encouraged to participate in the crafting and farming aspects of this game. They can use public land, as well as share farms and houses with friends who give them access.

Remember, not all the housing areas are marked on the map, so explore a bit to find the best places for your farm and house!

Are there any limitations on my classes or equipment?

There are no limits on how you mix and match ArcheAge Skillsets to build your class; you can pick your Skillsets by flavor, or to maximize a certain attack or defense type. By level ten, you will be able to select three different Skillsets out of a list of ten options. If you want to be an assassin/warrior/mage who throws fireballs and then jumps out of range, only to throw another fireball – or sneak up on your enemy to stab them in the back – you can build your class that way!

With the mixing and matching of classes, you can also mix and match equipment. There’s nothing stopping a mage from wearing plate armor, or a warrior tank from wearing cloth! There are different stats for cloth, leather, and plate armor – and each armor type has different set bonuses – so pick the armor that best suits your play style.

How does Trion Worlds plan to handle bots in ArcheAge?

Botting is always a challenge for MMOs. We have developed a number of security measures to reduce the number of bots in the world and increase the speed with which we identify and remove bots. Our public chat and in-game mail filtering are among the best in the industry, and we will continue to develop and explore new ways to combat botting.

Are players allowed to scam other players in-game in ArcheAge?

Yes. ArcheAge is a highly competitive PvP game and skullduggery is a weapon of choice just as sharp as a sword (and possibly even more potent).

Keep in mind that this ONLY applies to trickery conducted within the confines of ArcheAge and its gameplay mechanics. We do not condone nor support any attempts to scam players through outside channels.

How many characters can I have per account?

All accounts start with 2 character slots. You can unlock a maximum of 6 character slots on an account.


Does ArcheAge have a Patron Program (VIP Subscription) like RIFT?

Yes! Read more about the ArcheAge Patron program here.

What is Patron Status?

Patron Status grants all sorts of game boosts including improved labor regeneration, an experience bonus, the ability to own a house or farm, and loyalty rewards.

What can I buy with Credits?

Credits allow you to purchase all sorts of goods from the in-game store (Marketplace) including consumables, unique gliders, costumes, crest design reagents, and more. Patron Passes, which grant 30 days of Patron Subscription benefits, are also available for Credits in Glyph.

What is APEX?

APEX is an in-game item that grants Credits when consumed. Unlike regular Credits, APEX can be traded with other players or sold on the Auction House, allowing free players to purchase Patron time, get items from the marketplace, or take advantage of premium services (like server transfers and name changes) by using in-game currency.

For more information, you can visit the APEX page.