Founders: There’s a gift headed your way on December 9th!

Founders: There’s a gift headed your way on December 9th!

Founders, you’re going to want to keep an eye on your email – we have a special gift headed your way on Friday!

To say thank you for supporting us at launch and sticking with us over these last two years, we’re sending a code with a few familiar items your way.

All 2014 Founder’s Pack owners (except banned accounts), regardless of what type of Founder’s Pack they purchased or if one was gifted to them, will receive the following items after they redeem their code:

  • A Dawnbreak Dove Glider, a golden redesign of the classic Founder’s glider
  • A Trailblazer’s Cloak
  • The Desert Assassin Plate Costume
  • A Legendary Trailblazer title token, which offers the Trailblazer title. While worn, the title will offer +3 to all stats.

These items can be applied to either a character on a Legacy server, or you could save the code and apply it to a new character on a Fresh Start server come Saturday. If you do not receive your code by email, you can contact us at and our customer service team will be happy to help you out.

You’ll be able to redeem these codes after 3:30 PM UTC on December 10. If you attempt to redeem it earlier, you will get a red error code stating the code is invalid. The code isn’t invalid at all, and will work just fine after 3:30 PM UTC.

Thank you for supporting us during our launch, and we look forward to hearing about your adventures in the days to come!