Readiness Report: Unknown Discoveries

Readiness Report: Unknown Discoveries

HIYA FRIENDS! A new week, a new report! This is Rinni Featherscript, onsite here in scenic Sunbite Wilds this week. (Please don’t tell my boss, I had to use my sick days for this. Told ‘em I had Ishvara Whooping Cough.)

Family Changes

So those families many of y’all are a part of? They’re getting a bit closer these days, and a LOT more legal – paperwork and everythin’!

After the Revelations hit, families are started and expanded via a new item from general merchants: Family Certificates. These certificates are 1 gold, and are used whenever y’all want to form a family, add a new member, or remove a member from the group. You can have up to 8 family members, but you can raise that number by pickin’ up Family Growth Tickets. Each ticket opens a new spot to a max of 12. As you invite new folks, you can give ‘em special roles.

Family members can do wonderful things for one another, like gather plants seeded by each other on public land without earning crime points, or cheer on one another while fishing! Families also get new quests to perform together. Completing those earns y’all “family experience.” The higher rank your family, the more passive bonuses you’ll get.

  • Rank 1: 20% increase to Vocation XP via labor consumption.
  • Rank 2: Level 1 effect + increased move speed while carrying a trade pack.
  • Rank 3: Level 2 effects + increased duration of Fishing Boat/Merchant Ship Forewind Level 1 and Level 2 effects.

Quests include helpin’ your local community centers, delivering trade packs for the Blue Salt Brotherhood, and sport fishing with your family members! And while quests earn experience, that’s not all…

New ways to earn Vocation Badges, changes to labor

Vocation Badges are undergoin’ a pretty drastic change. Instead of gathering from doin’ work in the fields, you’ll receive them from a variety of quest types, including: Family Quests, Merit Quests, Resident Daily Quests, Community Center Quests, and Farmer’s Workstation quests. My advice? Work with your family to upkeep farms, move packs, and play the market. Oh, and stockpile them now, while they’re easy to get. Those little suckers aren’t goin’ anywhere during the Revelation.

There’s also been a change in how much work goes into many different activities. Some tasks got a li’l easier, while others got a li’l harder. For full details on that, you’ll want to wait for those “patch notes” or whatever y’all call them. All witchcraft to me, unless you’re talkin’ flight patterns or printing.

New proficiency tiers!

Finally, with the Revelation, your proficiency rankings are goin’ up! Raise your ratings to 230,000 skill, also known as the “Famed” rank.  There’s also a fancy title for reaching this new level of skill if you complete the tricky-little quest once you get there.

For those of you who practice Alchemy, Cooking, Construction, Machining, Farming, Husbandry, Masonry, Gathering, Logging, and Printing, you’re getting new Famed level recipes. Miners, by the by, there’s a new type of vein that can only be accessed with Famed skill.

Proficiency skill requirements are also returning. Actions that previously didn’t have skill requirements may have them after the Revelation, such as crafting Obsidian gear, crafting Dawnsdrop armor, and more now have skill requirements. Again, check yer patch notes for the full list closer to the Revelation.

That’s all for now mah’ little owlets. Next week we’re talkin’ skills and hidden powers. Until then, this is Rinni Featherscript, signin’ off while hopin’ your adventures aim high and fly fast!